Project X Media is pleased to announce the new brand launch of CastShield™. This is one of those products that when you see it, you instantly think, “Ah-ha! Why hasn’t this been available before now?” It’s a simple concept with a huge purpose: the age old need to keep casts, wounds and burns free of moisture while bathing. It’s like a giant rubber sheath (available in blue or pink in S, M, L, XL) that rolls up and over your arm or leg so you can shower/bathe while effortlessly keeping your cast dry. So simple, yet so effective.

Project X Media was hired to create the San Diego-based company CastShield™ brand, identity package, in-store packaging, point-of-purchase displays and their website design. The Project X Media design team helped this client tell it’s story and the true essence of what this company is about. We had our own “ah-ha!” moment while going through the brand strategy process how this product truly represents freedom for the end-user. Check out the Flickr photos to the right or click here.

The product is now on sale and engaging in social media as well.

Check them out:

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