We’re extremely excited here at Project X Media to showcase several new PayPal-based e-commerce websites recently launched for clients requiring cost-effective online sales solutions.

holtville threadsThe first is Holtville Threads, an eco-friendly custom silkscreening business located in the Southern California desert, east of San Diego. The concept and designs of their t-shirts evolved from a sense of pride and ‘roots’, in the town of Holtville.

The client required cost-effective, sophisticated shopping cart functionality on a limited budget. PayPal’s FREE shopping cart (how’s that for limited budget?), was the answer, enabling customers to purchase multiple items with a single payment, browse the entire selection, and view a consolidated list of all their items before purchasing while accepting credit cards and bank account payments. Creating happy customers is a key aspect of effective branding. Why? Simply put, happy customers = repeat customers. As a result of this ecommerce solution, Holtville Threads has been able to improve the buyer experience and increase customer loyalty while offering an easy-to-use, cost effective online sales experience.

Creating happy customers is a big part of branding, because happy customers translates to repeat customers. Holtville Threads has been able to improve buyer experience and increase customer loyalty by working with Project X Media to develop a strong brand, an easy-to-use website and offer secure payments.

Holtville Threads shopping cart

Next up: Zoller Wine Styling, a boutique Paso Robles winery that tasked Project X Media with developing streamlined shopping-cart functionality for their online clientele. The result: a user-friendly interface for browsing and purchasing wine online, driving increased sales and creating happy customers who had previously only been able to get their wine through select  brick-and-mortar storefronts. (Of course we had to sample the product to ensure we truly understood the “brand attributes” we were helping market. The wine is SUPERB and highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it.)

Shopping Cart

Finally, we’d like to introduce Wine-n-Shine, an all-natural liquid teeth whitener specifically designed for the red wine drinker. The product is packaged in cute little bottles perfect for your handbag, clutch or man purse. No more red teeth after drinking your favorite glass of 2007 Gr8ass Cabernet from Zoller Wine (did I mention it was rated 90 points?).

As a new-to-market company, we worked with the owner of Wine-and-Shine to develop the brand, logo and website. The logo reflects the personality of the brand and resonates with the target audience. The product is perfect for online sales, as it allows customers to easily obtain the product from the comfort of their laptop. Read more about our process here.

Wine and Shine Hompeage


Ultimately, branding is about bottom line business, especially in regards to creating a compelling branded online experience. And the bottom line is this: when you contract with a design & branding consultancy for a website, be sure to communicate your overall objectives, and be sure THEY are asking you the appropriate questions. It’s not enough to just have an “online brochure” these days. What are you trying to accomplish? What do you want clients to take away from your site? How do you convert them to customers and ensure they visit again and again? Communicating the core business objectives in a unique, compelling way will launch your company/product above the competition and help you stand apart as a market leader.

Happy shopping!