Chris & Jen Martino

Owners of Project X Media, a full-service brand strategy & creative services company

University City

Tell us about your favorite memory at the Museum.
Going to San Francisco with the Collectors groups in 2007 was a real highlight. We flew up early in the morning, spent the day viewing incredible art at MOMA, visited several private art galleries, lots of behind the scenes tours and then flew home that evening. We made some good friends through that trip. A close runner up has to be the parties at the museum (Hermes opening, Monte Carlo etc.) but some of those appear to have blurred together upon review, so we’ll stick with the San Francisco trip.

What makes you continue to support MCASD?
Our interest in helping contemporary art flourish in San Diego- we’ve found MCASD to be a great community of like-minded people.

What do you enjoy about contemporary art?
Since we live and breathe in the commercial art world on a daily basis with our branding business, we continually draw inspiration and energy from contemporary art. The work that MCASD exhibits routinely inspires, challenges and evokes meaningful discussion bothat work and at home.

What has been one of your favorite exhibitions at MCASD?
Do we have to pick just one? The Ernesto Neto exhibit at the new downtown space was terrific.Very much enjoyed seeing John Baldessari speak after studying him in art school. The Master Architects lecture series has been AMAZING. Oops…we didn’t do a very good job of picking just one.

What do you think is the most rewarding part of membership?
The sense of belonging when you visit the museum, whether its downtown or in La Jolla. We love going to the patron brunches & behind-the-scenes tours to check out the new exhibits before the general public does. It gives you that “snuck backstage at a concert” feeling from our mis-spent youth.

Why do you think it’s important to support the arts in San Diego?
Without a doubt, it’s vital to the overall “cultural health” of San Diego. Supporting the arts is a great antidote from the constant doom & gloom we’re currently being bombarded with through all forms of media. If the past is any indication some pretty remarkable new art movements should be emerging out of these tough economic times. In anticipation of this shift, we are launching our own gallery featuring cutting-edge emerging artists on Cedros in Solana Beach in August, 2009 for exactly those reasons.

Beyond MCASD, what is another one of your favorite San Diego spots? (i.e. restaurant, outdoor destination, etc.)
Right now we are having a great time exploring North Park and thereabouts. With our gallery opening on Cedros this summer, we are also reacquainting ourselves with Solana Beach (and the beaches of Del Mar.) Other favorites include the zoo with our 3 year old son Ian, drinks at The Ivy and dinner at Rappongi after the latest MCASD opening.

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