This month our client, Roberto’s Mexican Food (new website coming soon) came to us with an idea for a Point-of-Sale poster to promote their new “Frutas Cups” available in stores July 2010.

THE CHALLENGE: Six (6) 3D posters that were cost effective, eye-catching and printed…yesterday.

Fruit Cup Poster: Before

THE APPROACH: A poster designed by Project X Media and then printed at FedEx Office on foam core with an additional poster of fruit cup cut-outs. Using an X-Acto knife, we cut out each fruit cup, glued a block of wood to the back and then glued the wood to the poster – Its not rocket science but it really made them “POP!”

Fruit Cup Poster: After

THE RESULTS: A Pop-out Photo Diorama for their restaurant counters

Roberto’s was ecstatic with the end result (brought to you by the PXM Factory ;)) and are now using them at participating locations in San Diego. Visit Roberto’s today and grab yourself a fresh summer treat – TJ Style!