Project X Media helped Silvergate Bank launch their new brand this week. We are extremely proud of the way this brand took shape, from strategy through identity development to delivery of final collateral and materials. If we could clone this client, we would!

Here’s why:


They were responsive from the beginning of our engagement, providing insightful answers (in a timely manner) to our brand related inquires and knowledge gathering. The diligence and commitment of their internal brand team allowed us to create a truly unique brand position and identity.


They were respectful of our expertise, adding valuable feedback, yet allowing us to leverage our knowledge and creativity. This provided the freedom to develop spectacular designs and compelling messaging.


They were honest in their feedback yet tactful in their approach. Through the creative process we were able to keep an open dialogue as to why we were picking the fonts or why a certain color palette – all because it tied back to their brand position (and ultimately their core business strategies).


They were comfortable with the decisions they made while choosing the new creative aesthetic direction of the brand based on the approved brand strategy, rather than going on a “whim” or “gut feeling”. The designs presented directly reflected and tied back to their approved, defined brand strategy.


They looked to us as a truly collaborative partner, an expert resource rather than a glorified wrist (move that logo there, change the font here).


They embraced the concept that the brand is a living extension of the business. When their customers can identify the personality and emotional connection to the Silvergate brand, it ultimately translates to trust, confidence and loyalty. Happy customers = good business. (Which then leads to more business, referrals, etc.)


They were approachable (which is good, as it just so happens to be one of their brand attributes). Throughout the process, even when deadlines became very tight, they remained friendly and easily accessible through it all.


They showed appreciation and gratitude once the brand was officially launched. We’re always proud of our work – to see that a client is proud of what we’ve created together means the world. At the end of the day – when all is said and done – it’s truly about the relationships you’ve made along the way. People like to do business with people they truly like.

So it’s now our turn to publicly thank Silvergate Bank for trusting us throughout the entire branding and creative process. We appreciate your business and wish you all the best as your “brand” new public face takes hold, grows and thrives. Cheers!