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Let 2014 be a great year for your company!!

In the dynamic industry of digital marketing there is always constant change, new technology surfacing, so I thought I would prepare you for whats ahead in 2014. Below is a list of trends that will help your company grow in Social Media.

For starters, lets bracket my predictions in these categories:

  • Paid Media – which refers to publicity gained through advertising
  • Owned Media – marketing assets you produce
  • Earned Media – refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising
With that said, here are a list of predictions that will help you rock it in 2014. 


  • Invest in Paid Media with Content (Whether you want to cultivate new fans, increase visits to your site, your ad spend will have to include spending money on social media)
  • It is a “Pay to Play” year


  • Continually produce valuable content, Content Marketing budgets will increase (infographics, videos, etc. will become center stage for your strategy)
  • Mobile Video will GAIN largely in popularity on smart phones & tablets
  • Find new ways to tell compelling stories


  • Empower Employees (Give them something to talk about & to be proud of)
  • Influential Marketing will become your best friend, find ways to build, garner, & develop advocates

All in all, my key takeaways include:

  • Invest in paid (social) advertising
  • Create a content marketing strategy
  • Find new creative ways to share compelling stories via video, images, etc.
  • Strategically place your content in the hands of influential individuals. (Caution: it must provide them value)

I hope you enjoyed my article and if you want to get a hold of our agency contact us here: