We’ve been busy over here at the X for as long as any of us can remember. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in delivering the goods for our clients we forget to let the world know what we’ve been up to. In an effort to remedy that situation, here’s a quick rundown of our top 10 recent engagement highlights. (Playing no favorites, they’re listed in alphabetical order- sorry Ramone!)


Visit web: www.acg.org/sandiego/

Working within the broad communications guidelines of the national organization, we helped the San Diego chapter of ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) streamline and unify its brand presentation and marketing materials. Its always been the place “Where Deal Makers Meet” – now it looks and feels like the place they want (and need) to go.


Visit web: www.athensadmin.com

We’ve been working with Athens, a Bay Area insurance services company, for almost three years now and we love these guys (and gals). Starting with a complete rebranding back in 2008, we’ve developed and executed comprehensive 12-month marketing plans that have yielded big results for them in 2009, and 2010, and we’re getting ready to do it again in 2011.


Atlas came to us after seeing the work we’ve been doing for Athens Administrators, one of their strategic partners. We’ve just completed their rebranding and are feverishly working on their new website and corporate identity materials.


Visit web: www.medishieldllc.com/dev3/

Local investment firm MediShield, LLC came to us with a great product (water cast protector) that required a compelling brand to get it in front of consumers online and in the real world. We developed a complete brand identity, retail store packaging, and consumer website to help get this “must have” invention into broken hands (and arms, legs, feet etc.) everywhere. You can now purchase their product on Amazon here.


Visit web: www.circlebuzz.com

“Groupon for kids and families.” That was the elevator pitch to us from the creators of this discounts n’ coupons site, and we were in. Clean, simple, effective, and really, really great if you’ve got a couple rugrats eating play-doh at home.


Visit web: www.eboostconsulting.com

Hot to trot San Diego digital consultancy had the “walk” but needed the “talk” to help convince prospects and clients that they’re as good as they really are. We created a new brand from scratch to help communicate the authentic promise and power of eBoost to guide companies through the always evolving digiverse in search of higher sales and bigger profits.


The ending of a long-standing partnership required a new brand to reflect the attitude, expertise and focus of the new company that came about as a result of the dissolution. A new brand presentation, tagline, corporate identity materials and sales support tools have MWM on its way as we head into 2011.


Visit web: www.ramonesmexbbq.com

Ramone pulled up to the office in a sad-looking mobile food cart and a told story we couldn’t resist. Turns out he’d won the cart in a Lucha Libre wrestling match down in Trancones, Mexico. He’d driven it up to the States looking to make his culinary dreams a reality – combine the smoky sweet flavors of his grandma’s farm cooking with the boom-boom-pow of his beloved profession and take over the world one food cart at a time. He’s starting by feeding the hungry troops at Camp Pendleton. How could we resist?


Visit web: www.silvergatebank.com

San Diego based Silvergate required a complete rebranding and market repositioning as they moved from an industrial bank to a business bank focusing on corporate clients. With the help of a great internal brand team we created a compelling brand story and materials covering the full marketing spectrum from website to branch collateral to event materials and ads. We’re currently working with their architect on branding and design of the latest retail branch.


Visit web: www.walterandersen.com
(new website coming soon!)

This longtime local favorite nursery came to us in need of a brand revitalization. We’ve got things growing again with an updated brand presentation, new corporate materials, newsletter, promotional emails and a slew of other initiatives. The new website is days from launching (current one represents the “old” WA), so be sure to check back and see the “before and after” magic.